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  • Name: Ammonia water preparation system
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  According to market needs,the ammonia water preparation systems, which are designed and developed by our company based on years of practical experience and according to market requirements, can automatically produce ammonia water at different concentrations. Consumption of ammonia water: 100kg/h ~20000kg/h; mass concentration: 8%~30%. It can be connected with storage tank or tanker to produce ammonia water.

(1)Application :

  1) Ammonia process of desulfurization: Compared with the technology using liquid ammonia or ammonia gas, the technology using ammonia water has the advantages of uniform mixing, reduction in blocking and good desulfurization effect.
  2) Ammonia water SNCR: Compared with the technology using urea material, the technology using ammonia water has the advantages of lower material cost and operating cost, and convenient storage.
  3) Adjusting of PH value: As ammonia concentration can be adjusted as required, it is convenient to use;
  4) Medicine: nitrogen adding for medicinefermentation, synthesis of related medicines;
  5) The integrated desulfurization and denitrification technology using ammonia water is used for alkali cleaning and absorption, as well as sulfur recovery and alkali cleaning. 
  6) Gasification of ammonia water is used for SCR to replace pyrolysis and hydrolysis of urea.




  1) Mature process, safe, reliable;
  2) High concentration of prepared ammonia water and quick response;
  3) High automation and unattended operation;
  4) Low energy consumption and zero emission;
  5) Both liquid ammonia and ammonia gas can be used for preparing ammonia water.

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