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Techonlogy&ProductsDenitrification system and ul-... > Integrated ozone desulfurization and denitrification system
  • Name: Integrated ozone desulfurization and denitrification system
  • NO.: A003
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Structure of ozone generator system :


  A large ozone generator system comprise an air system, an ozone generator, a power system, a cooling water system, a PLC system, an ozone dosing system and a tail gas destruction system.

  The ozone desulfurization and denitrification technology has significant integration removal characteristic. According to the technology, strong oxidizing property of ozone is utilized to oxidize insoluble low-valence NO into soluble high-valence nitric oxides, and then nitric oxides are absorbed and transformed into substances soluble in water in the washing tower to achieve the purpose of NO removal. The denitrification system at different concentration and proportion of NOx or other pollutants can efficiently remove NOx, SO2 and particle matters in flue gas, and never has impact on control technology of other pollutants. It is an efficient supplement or substitute technology for traditional denitrification technology.

Application fields:

◆Exhaust emission ◆Advanced treatment of tap water
◆Industrial wastewater ◆Drinking water treatment
◆Chemicalpharmaceutical enterprises ◆Reuse of municipal sewage and reclaimed water
◆Pulp bleaching ◆Purified water enterprises
◆Papermaking industry ◆Swimming pools
◆Semiconductor industry ◆Process water
◆Food and beverage ◆Cooling water circulating system and other water treatment fields


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