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  • Name: ECO-SNCR
  • NO.: A001
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  ECO-SNCR: Efficiency Conservation Optimization-SNCR, compared with traditional technology, is more applied to boilers with large amount of flue gas and content of Nox, is free from catalysts, has less equipment and operating cost, features small dosage of reducing agent, high denitrification efficiency, reasonable and accurate design of reaction temperature and dwell time, small impact on working condition of boilers, and few NH3 leaking. 

  We have developed associated research and development with many universities, and made lot of research work on reaction concentration, reaction temperature, flue gas flow path and flue gas temperature field of ammonia or urea as reducing agent, and on how to achieve efficient mixing and reaction with reducing agent, so as to obtain accurate control over reaction process and energy-saving and efficient denitrification reaction. It has been applied to many power stations, and denitrification efficiency can reach 40%~80%. 

ECO-SNCR technical characteristics:

  1) Make follow-up adjustment under different load conditions of boilers, reasonably control ammonia spraying amount, and control reaction efficiency and ammonia leaking amount;
  2) Make reasonable design according to different boiler and circumstances;
  3) Mature and simple system, with low investment, low resistance and small occupied area;
  4) Denitrification efficiency of 40%~80%

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