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ADD:602,B-9Bldg,Innovation Base,HaitaiDevp 5 RD,Xiqing District, Tianjin, China, 300384

(1) Electrical engineer
Job responsibilities:
  1. Finish the design task of electrical drawings for the project assigned by Technology Department accurately and rapidly, and write and sort out completion documents of the project. 
  2. Familiar with basic working principles of electric or pneumatic valves and various instrument transmitters on the site;
  3. Complete other tasks assigned by leaders or other departments, and abide by all management regulations of the company;
  4. Know technical specification of natural gas or environment protection industry, applicant with related experience preferred.


Job requirements:
  1. Male or female, 22 years age above, bachelor degree in automation related professional;
  2. At least 2 years of field equipment commissioning and PLC programming experience;
  3. Familiar with SIEMENS, Schneider, AB and other programming software programmingto achieve automatic control of the device;
  4. Have a strong learning ability, understanding ability and excellent communication skills, and team work spirit.

(2) Mechanical Engineer
Job responsibilities:
  1. To complete the design projectaccording to the project schedule;
  2. Todevelop and design mechanical structure;
  3. Todraw the assembly drawing and parts drawing, and implement the processing technology;
  4. Beresponsible for the regular drawings of mature products to change, the new development of product drawing mapping and design;
  5. To complete the relevant technical documents.
Job requirements:
  1. Bachelor degree or above, major in mechanical;
  2. Engaged in mechanical drawing more than 2 years, work carefully, strong sense of responsibility;
  3. Familiar with AUTOCAD and PROE;
  4. Be interested in the machinery industry, surveying and mapping partsexperience1 years and above, be able to complete the company's spare parts drawing independently;
  5. Strong responsibility, work hard, have certain communication skills and good team work spirit
  6. Have a certain understanding for the valve, the pipeline.
(3) Chemical engineer
Job requirements:
  1. Responsible for sampling and quality inspection of raw materials and finished products;
  2. Responsible for spot check on technological index and control analysis over central control system;
  3. Responsible for analysis on effluent wastewater, waste liquor and air quality;
Job requirements:bachelor degree or above
  1. Befamiliar with chemical engineering principles;
  2. Have a preliminary understanding for heat exchangers;
  3. Befamiliar withCAD, WORD and other software;
  4. Befamiliar with HTRI, HYSYSur software;
  5. The good understanding for chemical processes and chemical equipment;
  6. Havestable character, research spirit, the thirst for knowledge, and the curiosity for problems.
(4) After-sales service engineer 
Job requirements:
  1. Responsible for installation, debugging, product demonstration, operation training and other services for customers, give guidance on correct operation and use of products, and solve common problems during use. 
  2. Coordinate and support sales activities, explain and demonstrate products for customers, analyze customer needs, and offer solutions;
  3. Responsible for technical training for customers and salesman, and support pre-sales and after-sales technical consultation;
  4. Collect rational advices and suggestions on products from customers, feed them back to headquarters, continuously develop suitable products for customers with headquarters, and further improve the competitive power of products.
Job requirements:
  1. Able to business travel, integrity, good communication, strong practical ability.
  2. Electrical, instrumentation, automation related major, chemical industry field work experience, to understand the control instruments, PLC, touch screen and other basic operations.
  3. Understand the basic principles of the process instrumentation, use and troubleshooting.